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Broadband Plans:

768Kbps Download, 384 Upload . . . $29 month
1 Mbit Download, 500Kbps Upload . . . $39 month
1.5 Mbit Download, 500Kbps Upload . . . $49 month
NEW 3.0 Mbit Download, 500Kbps . . . $59 month
(only available in some areas)

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Skywave Internet offers high speed broadband wireless Internet service for Gordon and Whitfield County in Georgia for as low as $29 a month. With our automatic billing, everything is done for you. All you get is great service and no headaches.  With our technical support team, your Internet troubles will vanish, leaving you to browse wirelessly the way you were always meant to! 

We are compatible with all Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems as well as home routers and game consoles
. Our system uses dynamic IP address assignment so your devices are plug and play.  Skywave Internet's goal is to provide outstanding service to all our customers. We strive to be the best ISP with the most competitive prices.


Why Choose Skywave Internet?

Just take a look at what we have to offer!


    -Outdoor wireless to your house (off the grid)

    -Check your mail from anywhere with our web email
    -Free Technical Support
    -Affordable Price
    -Personalized Service
    -99.9% uptime
    -3 E-mail accounts
    -Free personal web hosting
    -Talk to a real person when you call (10-5, M-F)
    -No Popup Ads from our websites
     -No daily limits
     -Low latency Fiber Optic feed to our transmitters

   Please read or Terms of Service.
Skywave Communications Interconnect Policy.

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We now have wireless service in areas of:


Call 706-629-0921  to see if you are in our coverage area.

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